2019 Race Results

Place Winners for the Run for the Hills

10k Mens:

1st place:  Drew Pope 47:16

2nd Place: Mark Graves 58:08

3rd Place:  Kris Pyle 107:55

10k Womens:

1st place:  Margaret Gregory 1:05:20

2nd Place: Jennifer Pyle 1:06:55

3rd Place:  Stacey Totherow 1:09:53

5k Mens:

1st place:  Caden Gailbraith 30:09

2nd Place: Douglas Runner   36:46

3rd Place: Nathan Heine       37:53

5k Womens:

1st place:  Grace Pyle       37:35

2nd Place:  Loni Watson  40:08

3rd Place:  Jillian Wilson 40:22